About Us


ABULAD is an e-commerce store for general public to place orders on goods & services (ranging from apparels, shoes, clothing & materials, tech products & accessories etc.) and also branded ABULAD merchandise. Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process.

Also, we have an Affiliate Marketing system. An affiliate partner will be able to sell their product on the website; and ABULAD will take commission on each item sold. 

Click on: Affiliate Partnership for more.

ABULAD is also a general platform for ABU Undergraduates & alumni. It’s a system hoping to unite Abusites from all parts of the world. Our team consists of strong, hard-working & competent individuals, and we organize annual Reunion hangout (in Lagos) at the end of each year.


Instagram: @abulads

Twitter: @abulad1